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Europe by Emily McGuire

Well, I had to put off my journey to the other side of the world – so I am using old photos today I took in the UK and Europe. I hope one day to use new photos from there!!

IMG_0001-2 Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

IMG_0005-2         Leeds Castle, Kent UK       IMG_0006


Rehana’s Introduction and Photos

My name is Rehana Firth and I live in Staffordshire England. I’m a Lancashire lass at heart and I have been taking photos for about 11 years now.  I really love it. I love looking at the world through my camera. It gives me the chance to see the bigger picture and also the minute detail! It does make me happy.

Most of my photos are of landscapes, wildlife, nature and anything that takes my interest. I have taken a few portraits but I have found that I don’t love it as much as the other photos I’ve taken.

The following photos show you Lichfield Cathedral . I don’t live that far away so it was great to walk around and take photos especially during the Lichfield festival.



More Lichfield Cathedral Photos –



Lichfield Cathedral


Lichfield Cathedral


Lichfield Cathedral