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Hello Again from Newcastle, NSW Australia by Emily McGuire

Well, here I am after a long break – it is nice to be back. I haven’t taken photos with my camera since I last posted here. So it will be nice to get back into it and  have some fun! Today I am sharing some photos of the beach – it is what I love the most.
I hope you enjoy them.




These boys above were waiting for the waves to crash over them. The swell was quite high that day and they had to hang on tight so they weren’t washed into the ocean pool that is behind them. Such fun!



Superhero/Cosplay Photos- Brie A. Edwards

When I was at San Diego Comic Con in 2010, I got talking with friends and the idea to take photos of people dressed as superheroes/cosplay characters was brought up. I decided to give it a go once I returned home to Spokane and started advertising for models who were willing to dress up in costume. I got mixed results when ti came to getting models to pose but the ones who volunteered to do so, resulted in really cool photos.

I haven’t really posted them much online due to not being sure what I am going to do with the photos at the moment. I am still tweaking how I set up the photos and making changes to how I take them.  I ma finding it to be a real learning experience.

I haven’t taken any in over a year but know I will revisit this theme again in the future.


Above: Rebecca as Catwoman


Above: Meichelle in personalized Cosplay.


Above: Mary the Pirate


Above: Rachel G. as Catwoman


Above: David the Gladiator


Above: Amy as Tank Girl

You can see a few more of the superheroes/cosplay photos I have taken here: