A glimpse of Athens by Nektaria Makakis (Greece)

Α fine day in Athens is always a great opportunity to take a few photos! I hope you enjoy them 🙂IMG_0222 IMG_0225 IMG_0230 IMG_0233 IMG_0236


Experiments gone right by Brie A Edwards (Spokane, Washington)

Sorry for a lapse in a week of posting. I had issues with the site and just decided to wait a week before posting due to the issues.

This is a bit of a throwback post. What I mean by that is it will feature some old photos and how I explored an idea to the end product. It started a couple years ago with a “happy accident”.


I was playing around with settings and seeing what happened while being driven home from the photo building way back in 2005. It is true the photo is not a really good one. It did capture light in a way that looked like it was moving. It made me start thinking about movement and how to capture it in photos. It was something I wanted to explore.

My second try at capturing movement was trying to capture the fast moving husky, Kaiya, in the backyard at my parent’s house.

Kaiya Runs

Again, not the world’s best photo but it was me moving with the subject trying to capture it was it ran by. It is out of focus but captures the movement. It got me playing with the settings on my camera.

The third attempt was at Roller Derby in Spokane.


This was back in 2007 and I was finally getting the hang of capturing movement while making it so the subject is identifiable. It encouraged me to revisit this and try again.

Then in 2013, when the light was low and it became impossible to capture crisp photos at a Pow Wow in Spokane, I decided to revisit the capturing movement with really surprising results.


Slow shutter speed and low light created a really impressionistic feel to the dancers going by. I had captured exactly what I had hoped to be able to way back when I was playing around with trying to make “light dance” in 2005. They look like paintings and I was super happy with the results.


You can see more of these photos here:


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I am now going to try another “improve on” exploration in photography. I am going to revisit black and white photography. I have not shot photos exclusively for black and white in a few years. It is time to revisit it and the “going toward winter” scenery is perfect for this. Keep an eye out for me sharing photos from this exportation.

Hello Again from Newcastle, NSW Australia by Emily McGuire

Well, here I am after a long break – it is nice to be back. I haven’t taken photos with my camera since I last posted here. So it will be nice to get back into it and  have some fun! Today I am sharing some photos of the beach – it is what I love the most.
I hope you enjoy them.




These boys above were waiting for the waves to crash over them. The swell was quite high that day and they had to hang on tight so they weren’t washed into the ocean pool that is behind them. Such fun!



Summer Flowers by Brie Edwards (Washington state, USA)

The blog has been on a hiatus due to busy lives of the contributors, me included. Since autumn is upon the northern hemisphere, life has started to slow down for me. I thought I would post a new post here at Caught Within Frame and try to kick start the blog again.

Washington state has had a blazing hot summer with many days in the 100 F range (37 C). The state was also plagued by wildfires that blankets eastern Washington with smoke so thick it was hazardous to breath the air so people had to stay inside for days. It was a very weary, uncomfortable, summer because of these two things but I managed to get out and take a few summer flower photos. I will share them now with you.



See more of my photos here: http://www.shadownlite.com

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Bay and Ocean – Australia. By Emily McGuire

I recently went to Tanilba Bay in Port Stephens (NSW, Australia) and I took a few photos. I will be sharing those today. I also took some photos of Newcastle Beach area – which is where I seem to go whenever I feel sad (or mad or any other emotion you can think of).
I am late posting these this week as I have had major computer issues, but I have sorted that all out, thankfully.
Hope you enjoy the photos and do go over to my blog and check it out. http://www.sylimephotos.wordpress..com – – until next time….

IMG_2051   A pelican swimming at Tanilba Bay. I do love a pelican. So cute.




IMG_2127    Newcastle beach (well, the beach is to the right. I was standing near the Canoe Pool (it fills with ocean water and people take their kids to swim in it. I used to swim in it when I was a child) and the ocean is beyond the chains.

Roller Derby by Brie A. Edwards (Spokane, Washington, USA)

I went to see a roller derby match for the first time a few years ago. I had never tried to photograph any sport at that point and decided to give it a try that night. I got a few good results, and the roller derby team tried to steal my photos from Flickr until I watermarked them there.

It was an interesting experience that I may try again and see if I can get even better results with my photo taking.






See more roller derby photos at this link:


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Cats x 5 by Emily McGuire

I have five cats (long story). I adore them all and I want to share some photos I took of them this weekend. Hope you enjoy. Check out my blog http://www.sylimephotos.wordpress.com and my redbubble page (where I am selling prints) http://www.redbubble.com/people/sylime

IMG_1919 This is Henry – three years old and cute as a button. He looks extremely chubby sitting like this, but he is just sitting funny

IMG_1928 This is my sweet Kitski. She has lived with me for 13 years (no idea how old she is as she was a stray) and she is very sick right now with cancer that is spreading rapidly. She is the most adorable girl and I will be so sad to lose her.

IMG_1995 Cooper – almost seven years old. He is such a sweetheart. I just adore him.

IMG_2005  Watson – he is three years old and I really love photographing him. Mainly because he actually lets me (the others turn away a lot of the time) but he has great eyes and markings.

IMG_2021  I love this photo of Watson, I had to add it. Something was going on outside and he was less than impressed. (he was sitting on me when I took this photo)

IMG_2040 Little miss Scout. She has no ears in this photo, but she is still v cute. She has an amazingly cute personality and she makes me laugh every day. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed.