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Long time no post.

Life got insane for all the artists/photographers that contribute at this blog. We dropped off the blogging radar to, well, live life and get life moving. Now? We will attempt to post semi-often.

All of us have found our creative lives taking strange twists and turns. One of us is now an author of books. Another dove back into painting and creating art. And still another? Life took over and she set aside her camera for a while.

We are hoping to get posting again. Watch this space.

Kicking Back Into Gear!- Brie A. Edwards

Caught Within Frame has been quiet in recent months. A lot has been going on in every contributors lives. We are going to start the blog up again and get back into the swing of things when it comes to posting photos. I know I want to star getting out and taking photos again.

And I did just that this past week. My camera is having weird glitches right now but sometimes, the glitches can be interesting. The glitch this time was a weird colour cast that I ended up liking because it gave many of the photos a “1940s postcard” look.



Very odd but I found it interesting so just tweaked the photos a little bit on saturation, not too much, and went with it.

The rest of the photos turned out just okay. I feel I am a bit out of practice and need to get back into the swing of taking photos. I plan to do that over the next few months.




Enjoy the photos and check out my Flickr and online store websites.


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Special Spotlight: Unmapped by Nektaria Markaki

This post is a very special Spotlight on one of Caught Within Frame’s contributors. Nektaria Markaki had an exciting thing happen to her in 2015, she became a published author!  Her book Unmapped was published in the fall of 2015. I asked her a few questions about her book and will share them here.


Hi, my name is Nekataria Markaki and I live in the beautiful capital of Greece, Athens. To be exact, in a city just 20 minutes outside of Athens that is called Aegaleo.

When did you start writing fiction?

I started writing fiction during my teen years and continued until I was 22, if I remember correctly. Then, due to life and its problems, I stopped and I picked up where I had left off, when I turned 30.

Tell us a little about how you started out and what inspired you to write.

It was my immense need to express myself that pushed me towards writing. As a teenager I wasn’t very talkative and I hid well my emotions, so I guess you can say that everything got piled up inside me and erupted like a volcano in the form of writing. Also, my need to escape was a catalyst to dive into writing. I combined those two, and this how I got here in the end!

How did Unmapped come to life?

Unmapped came to life after much consideration, sleepless nights and years of trying to write down a storyline that would be fiction, yes, but something that I- or anyone else- could live. I started writing down ideas about how I wanted the story to evolve, five years ago, but I had trouble expressing my thoughts on paper, so I stopped writing. Then two years ago, something clicked inside me and the story just came out… it took me a month to write it and two years to edit it and give it form.

When did the story first come to you and demand you write it?
It was five years ago after a discussion I had with my sister about all the things we were dreaming of doing and never accomplished. It started out as a serious talk that escalated to a humorous one with her making to-do lists. That was when it hit me, actually. I spent the night thinking of it, about how I was holding back myself from taking risks and I decided to write about it.

What is Unmapped about?
Unmapped is the story of uptight Lexie, a woman in her 20’s that realizes that all this time her needs and wants were suppressed by what her parents were forcing on her. After a silly incident at a job interview, a after she discovers a to-do list that she was compiling as a teenager, she reconsiders her life’s choices and decides that she should change her life. She finds herself in a desperate need to erase everything that’s written on her to-do list, starting with number 19 which is to take a journey around Europe. She and her carefree friend and roommate, venture to a trip so that Lexie can find out what she truly wants, and along the way they find friendship, companionship, understanding, love and themselves. It’s a romantic love story, with humor and beautiful sceneries, and so much flirting!

How did you end up having it become published?
First I started publishing the story on Wattpad, a writing platform, and I was excited to see that it gained much attention. It got more than 30K reads which was a fantastic number for a story written by a non-native English speaker, so after the Greek version of Unmapped got the opportunity to get published by a publishing company in Greece, I thought that I should take the risk and publish it in English too. So I chose self-publishing, and now it’s available on Amazon.

How has does it feel to have a book published?
It’s a fantastic feeling of accomplishment. It’s also a bit nerve wrecking but to me it is worth it. Each time I see someone getting a copy, I glow from happiness. It’s my baby and I wish for people to love it as much as I do! It might not be perfect but I believe its imperfections make it special!

Where can people purchase a copy of Unmapped?
Unmapped is available on Amazon around the world in both paperback and kindle.

US Amazon:

Greek Version:χωρίς-χάρτη?catid=641830

What languages is it available in?
English and Greek. The Greek version is being distributed by Dyas Publishing only in Greece, and the English via Amazon.

Is it a standalone book or a start of a series?
It’s a standalone but the ending gives the impression that there could be a new book in the future. Actually, the Greek readers have had the chance to already read the second book which is called, Unmapped in Greece, but I doubt that I will translate it in English… So I guess I can say that the English version is a standalone.

Anything else you would like to add?

I want to give my love to Gretchen Earnest who was patient with me, and spent endless hours editing Unmapped in order to make my dream come true. Also, I’d love to thank author M.A Phipps (Ultraxenopia) who shaped the book, made the cover and the fantastic interior and Nadia Sarri for checking the text for mistakes. If it hadn’t been for them, I wouldn’t have made it and the dream of publishing Unmapped, would have remained a dream.

Also I want to thank everyone who bought the book and took this journey with me, and with Lexie and Manu.


Wintertime Invades My Soul- by Brie A. Edwards (Spokane, WA. USA)

The days have been dreary throughout January and February. We had quite a bit of snow in December, then it got really cold so it was not ideal for hiking around outside to take photos. Then it got really warm and melted the snow by raining on top of it. Now? It is grey, mostly clouding everyday, and just flat, flat, lighting. Makes for very dark photos.

I was downtown within the past few months and took some photos in 20 (F). Most turned out really blurred because I was shaking from cold. The rest? Not my best work but I think they capture the feeling of this time of year. I even turned one black/white because the darkness really made it murky. Not all that bright and cheery for sure.

Take a look:







You can see my (more cheery) photos at:

My online shop for bright, cheery, images:

Athens in the cold by Nektaria Markaki

If there’s something that I love, is taking a stroll around the city when it’s cold. Yes, I know, you might think that I am crazy but there’s something refreshing about walking in the cold… and Athens is still wearing its colorful attire, still in celebrating mode with its christmas lights still lit! Here are some of the photos I took, and I liked- trust me my hand was shaking like amd from the cold- and I do hope you like them too!

Sydney Australia by Emily McGuire

Yesterday I went to Sydney for the day. I didn’t venture from Circular Quay and around Opera House (I had things to do in that area). I took some photos to share though.
Sydney Harbour is beautiful. No matter how many times I have seen it (and it has been a lot), I am still amazed by how pretty it is. I also love the ferries – Circular Quay is obviously a great place to sit and watch them. And of course, who could forget the Sydney Harbour bridge?

I hope you enjoy the photos below.


Chi Town – by Emily McGuire (Australia)

Hello to you blog reading people. I had plans to take photos all week, of course it slipped my mind. Then it was Sunday night and I was without photos. So I went through my large collection and found some that I took in Chicago when I was in the USA. I LOVED Chicago – I was only there for a short time, but we did an architectural cruise and I just loved learning about the city from the water. I would do it again if I went back. So here are some photos I took on the cruise – hope you enjoy 🙂 chicago4
chicago5 chicago1 chicago3 chicago2

Experiments gone right by Brie A Edwards (Spokane, Washington)

Sorry for a lapse in a week of posting. I had issues with the site and just decided to wait a week before posting due to the issues.

This is a bit of a throwback post. What I mean by that is it will feature some old photos and how I explored an idea to the end product. It started a couple years ago with a “happy accident”.


I was playing around with settings and seeing what happened while being driven home from the photo building way back in 2005. It is true the photo is not a really good one. It did capture light in a way that looked like it was moving. It made me start thinking about movement and how to capture it in photos. It was something I wanted to explore.

My second try at capturing movement was trying to capture the fast moving husky, Kaiya, in the backyard at my parent’s house.

Kaiya Runs

Again, not the world’s best photo but it was me moving with the subject trying to capture it was it ran by. It is out of focus but captures the movement. It got me playing with the settings on my camera.

The third attempt was at Roller Derby in Spokane.


This was back in 2007 and I was finally getting the hang of capturing movement while making it so the subject is identifiable. It encouraged me to revisit this and try again.

Then in 2013, when the light was low and it became impossible to capture crisp photos at a Pow Wow in Spokane, I decided to revisit the capturing movement with really surprising results.


Slow shutter speed and low light created a really impressionistic feel to the dancers going by. I had captured exactly what I had hoped to be able to way back when I was playing around with trying to make “light dance” in 2005. They look like paintings and I was super happy with the results.


You can see more of these photos here:

You can also buy prints and postcard of them here:

I am now going to try another “improve on” exploration in photography. I am going to revisit black and white photography. I have not shot photos exclusively for black and white in a few years. It is time to revisit it and the “going toward winter” scenery is perfect for this. Keep an eye out for me sharing photos from this exportation.

Hello Again from Newcastle, NSW Australia by Emily McGuire

Well, here I am after a long break – it is nice to be back. I haven’t taken photos with my camera since I last posted here. So it will be nice to get back into it and  have some fun! Today I am sharing some photos of the beach – it is what I love the most.
I hope you enjoy them.




These boys above were waiting for the waves to crash over them. The swell was quite high that day and they had to hang on tight so they weren’t washed into the ocean pool that is behind them. Such fun!