Experiments gone right by Brie A Edwards (Spokane, Washington)

Sorry for a lapse in a week of posting. I had issues with the site and just decided to wait a week before posting due to the issues.

This is a bit of a throwback post. What I mean by that is it will feature some old photos and how I explored an idea to the end product. It started a couple years ago with a “happy accident”.


I was playing around with settings and seeing what happened while being driven home from the photo building way back in 2005. It is true the photo is not a really good one. It did capture light in a way that looked like it was moving. It made me start thinking about movement and how to capture it in photos. It was something I wanted to explore.

My second try at capturing movement was trying to capture the fast moving husky, Kaiya, in the backyard at my parent’s house.

Kaiya Runs

Again, not the world’s best photo but it was me moving with the subject trying to capture it was it ran by. It is out of focus but captures the movement. It got me playing with the settings on my camera.

The third attempt was at Roller Derby in Spokane.


This was back in 2007 and I was finally getting the hang of capturing movement while making it so the subject is identifiable. It encouraged me to revisit this and try again.

Then in 2013, when the light was low and it became impossible to capture crisp photos at a Pow Wow in Spokane, I decided to revisit the capturing movement with really surprising results.


Slow shutter speed and low light created a really impressionistic feel to the dancers going by. I had captured exactly what I had hoped to be able to way back when I was playing around with trying to make “light dance” in 2005. They look like paintings and I was super happy with the results.


You can see more of these photos here:


You can also buy prints and postcard of them here:


I am now going to try another “improve on” exploration in photography. I am going to revisit black and white photography. I have not shot photos exclusively for black and white in a few years. It is time to revisit it and the “going toward winter” scenery is perfect for this. Keep an eye out for me sharing photos from this exportation.

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