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Bay and Ocean – Australia. By Emily McGuire

I recently went to Tanilba Bay in Port Stephens (NSW, Australia) and I took a few photos. I will be sharing those today. I also took some photos of Newcastle Beach area – which is where I seem to go whenever I feel sad (or mad or any other emotion you can think of).
I am late posting these this week as I have had major computer issues, but I have sorted that all out, thankfully.
Hope you enjoy the photos and do go over to my blog and check it out. – – until next time….

IMG_2051   A pelican swimming at Tanilba Bay. I do love a pelican. So cute.




IMG_2127    Newcastle beach (well, the beach is to the right. I was standing near the Canoe Pool (it fills with ocean water and people take their kids to swim in it. I used to swim in it when I was a child) and the ocean is beyond the chains.

Roller Derby by Brie A. Edwards (Spokane, Washington, USA)

I went to see a roller derby match for the first time a few years ago. I had never tried to photograph any sport at that point and decided to give it a try that night. I got a few good results, and the roller derby team tried to steal my photos from Flickr until I watermarked them there.

It was an interesting experience that I may try again and see if I can get even better results with my photo taking.






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