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Athens by Natasha Tzavara (Greece)

My name is Natasha Tzavara and I’m 24 years old. I live in Petralona, a district of central Athens. I love the city center and I used to walk many hours daily in its neighborhoods and discover new parts of it. Photography is one of my loves! Recently I discovered my interest in dance and more specifically for tango, which is based on communication and strong emotions! I took these photos after a walk in the center during the night, when the colors dissapear and everything becomes different, but still as beautiful and interesting as the morning!






Slovenia by Sandra

My name is Sandra and I live in Slovenia, a small country by the Adriatic coast, that really has it all: the coastline, the hills, the Alps, the plains, the Karst, the sea, the rivers, lakes. I work full time as a lawyer but what I am really passionate about is animals. I am active in cat rescue and fostering and I am contributing to saving the African elephant. I love taking pictures because they can freeze a special moment in time forever. It is a way for me to keep the memories more alive and colorful. Too often, while we travel, I see the world through the lens instead of with my own eyes. My friends, who travel with us, don’t even bring their cameras any more 🙂
Thank you for offering me this opportunity.
The photos are taken in Koper and Piran, all in the Slovenian coast.

Small town – New South Wales, Australia by Emily McGuire

Morpeth is a town near Maitland in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. It is known for its jazz festivals, quirky shops and gorgeous old buildings. It is situated near the Hunter River and I spent many days on the river at Morpeth with my family on our boat. It brings back great memories to go back there to visit. Today I went there and took a few photos to share. I hope you enjoy them and a big happy new year to everyone!
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IMG_1732 Normally Morpeth is bustling with people, but I went late in the day, so it was very quiet (quiet enough to stand in the middle of the road to take this photo)

IMG_1708 This building (barn) is not technically IN Morpeth, but I still love it. I have driven past it about two million times (I am rounding up) and I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to stop and take a photo but I never got around to it, until today.

IMG_1717-2 I seem to find myself drawn to old, gorgeous houses in this area. They are so magnificent.. They do not build them like this any more, sadly.

IMG_1721  Again with the old fashioned things you never see any more. A red phone box. It doesn’t seem to have a phone in it (I didn’t actually look that close inside). But it is just beautiful. (I feel I may live in the wrong era!)