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Pike’s Place Public Market in Seattle, Washington by Mary Lewis (Spokane, WA)

Mary Lewis is a resident of Spokane, Washington (USA) who enjoys taking photos in her free-time. She uses both film and digital mediums in her passion to capture images. She is an avid collector of vintage Polaroid cameras, postcards, and pets. Mary has a curiosity for the world and loves to travel when she can. She is considering purchasing a digital SLR in 2015 because she will be heading on a trip to NYC.

She has shared photos at Caught Within Frame earlier in the year but has returned to share photos from her trip to Seattle, Washington. She wandered Pike’s Place Public Market and took some photos of what she saw.









Mary says:

You can see my sometimes neglected blog here: “Made By Mary”

Speaking of the blog, Mary posted photos a while back that included some from our Manito photo walk taken with her 35mm film camera:

Christmas Spirit By Nektaria Markakis (Greece)

Even if Greece is not going through a fun time lately, it is worth it to talk a walk around Athens during this time of year. The lights and the warm atmosphere- despite the cold, because it was really cold tonight- make you forget all about the misery of our times! I had fun!







Artist Spotlight: Petra Terslova (UK/Czech Republic)

Artists Petra Terslova is our spotlight artist this week at Caught Within Frame and we are very honored to have her work in our spotlight.

Petra’s Bio:

Despite her Czech origin Petra Terlova lives alternately in London and Prague. Urban scenes are the main source of her inspiration. Petra graduated from the Charles University in Prague with master´s degree in law. Her initial interest in fine art appeared at a very early age and developed dramatically during her legal studies. Her plain-air painting in London attracted the attention of passers-by and turned to be an unexpected success. This resulted in Petra´s decision to become a professional artist.

Currently Petra builds her career in fine art and simultaneously pursues her legal studies to gain JD degree in law.

Petra says of her art: “I am inspired by the environment I live in. I am currently based in London where I am mainly inspired by the city itself. I try to capture places and people as well as capture my feelings and emotions.

In my paintings I want to show people something that they might not observed themselves. I want them to see the world through my eyes and offer them escape from their daily routine.  

Both in the UK and CR I live  in the city. That is why I find nature and flowers so amazing. I don´t see them very often in that situation.
In my portraits and figures I try to show much more than just a physical likeness. I am interested in the person whose portrait I draw or paint and I want to capture their nature and  character. My figures are celebrations of human body  either in motion or still. 

I tend to paint places that I have visited or people I know or I have met. I aim to capture a unique atmosphere and mood of locations that I find inspiring. These places include both busy cities and peaceful landscapes.

The characteristics of my artwork are vibrant colours and expressive brushstrokes. Most paintings are executed in oil, acrylic and pastel.  My portfolio also includes charcoal portraits created on commission.

I paint because it brings me joy, excitement and pleasure. I enjoy the creative, though sometimes arduous process.  I see the world in dramatic images which I desire to put on a canvas and share with others.

 I have been told  that my art is very human, warm and touching which is what I would like my art to be.”
Petra Terslova 2013 - Rainy day in London

RAINY DAY IN LONDON Acrylics; stretched canvas on a frame 50cm x 60cm


POPPIES Acrylics; stretched canvas on a frame 50cm x 30cm

Still life with brushes watermark

​STILL LIFE WITH BRUSHES Oil on board 28 cm x 42 cm

figure in pastelII (1)

FIGURE STUDY Pastel 40cm x 60cm

Portrait of my brother watermark

PORTRAIT OF MY BROTHER charcoal 60cm x 40cm

You can see more of Petra’s work and contact her using these links: