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Along Long Lake, Washington, USA by Brie A. Edwards

I was really not sure what to take photos of this week. I seem to keep taking photos of plants recently because they are right outside my door and not the bland suburban landscape that surrounds me. I am getting a bit bored with plant/flower macro photos and need to expand what my photo taking subjects again.

With that in mind, I took a drive just to the west of where I live along Long Lake and through Tum Tum., Washington I had not been out in the direction for many years and it was interesting to me to refresh my mind on what the area looks like.

Long Lake is having a bit of an algae problem at the moment on one of it’s shores. Ecologists are trying to find out what is causing it. Other than that, it is a pretty area and very quiet. There were some water skiers, swimmers, and people fishing on Long Lake but it wasn’t a noisy crowd at all.


Near Suncrest, Washington on Long Lake.


Rocky hills that still show some scars from fires years ago via the skeletal trees on them.


Brush and trees are starting to have leaves change and fall off due to a mixture of very hot summer and autumn setting in.


You can see some of the algae I spoke of across Long lake in this photo. It spans that whole side of the lake. It is also a little hazy due to wildfires in different areas of the state.


Looking further west at Long Lake. It goes on toward the Spokane Indian Reservation before becoming a river connecting to the Columbia River.


A quick photo near the location of the area I posted photos of last time. Now everything is turning fall colours and going yellow/brown.

You can see more pf my photos here:

Guest Spotlight: Food Photography by Roula Markakis (Greece)

Roula Markakis is a hobby photographer living in Greece. She takes many photos from her travels, of nature, and of food she prepares.

Roula says” What I love about food is I can make it, eat it, and take photographs of it. All three are fun and give me great pleasure. Here is a sample of my cooking and how I choose to photograph it.”








Here and There – USA, UK, Australia by Emily McGuire

Again I am running behind in posting. Again, I feel like I am stuggling to find photos to post as I haven’t had the time to go out and take new photos. So today I am sharing a selection of different photos I took a while ago. Please enjoy and if you want to see my other photos please visit

Next month I promise to have brand new photos to share 🙂



Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in the background, Australia



Santa Monica Pier, California USA



A pentacle from inside a shop window in Salem, MA USA. I love this shop window.IMG_20130826_023348


Brighton Beach in the UK – love these changing sheds



Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco USA