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North Spokane County, Washington by Brie A Edwards

Only 15 minutes from where I live in the suburbs of Spokane, Washington, things start looking very rural. It should not be surprising since most of Spokane County is rural in living. Spokane is actually the biggest city on the eastern side of Washington state. This means that once you leave the suburbs you are met with farmland and pine trees. It is pretty but the isolation this causes for Spokane is pretty extreme.

I decided to take photos of the area just north of where I live on Saturday and will share them here with you.






image_2 (1)


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Blood Drive PSA

Scenes from July 4th in Spokane, WA by Imaginos Eternal Photography

Imaginos Eternal Photography is a hobby photographer who lives in Spokane, Washington.

He says this about his photography:

“I started taking photos as a hobby almost five years ago. I saw photography as a chance to extend myself through travel and expression by the images I captured. While I primarily focus on landscapes, nature or architecture, there is something special about trying to capture fireworks on the Fourth of July. I change the position from which I capture the photos each year and play with the length of the manual exposures. Capturing the explosions at various stages make for quite a different view of fireworks.”

The One A

Fireworks 10 2014

Fourth of July 53

Fireworks 3 2014

You can find more of Imaginos Eternal Photography photography at:

Comet Neowise crop

New York City by Emily McGuire

I have spent some time in New York City and I love it. I love everything about it – the busy streets, the hustle and bustle, but mainly I love the buildings. I think perhaps I was an architect in another life. I just have a fascination about buildings. So my photos today are of the buildings I saw in New York City. You won’t see the typical ones you would expect to (Empire State, Chrysler, Flatiron buildings) these are just regular ones I saw on my journeys.
Please enjoy and be sure to visit my blog – to see more of my photos (I need to update it).