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San Diego, California by Brie A. Edwards

I am digging into my backlog of past photos for this post. I am hoping to get out there and take some new photos in August since June/July has been pretty busy for me. As well as being full of scorching hot weather.

I am from San Diego and love to head back to that city as often as I can. I even have dreams that I still live in San Diego. I love the cultural mixture of the city and the huge Mexican influence (the city is just 15 minutes drive from the Mexican border). It is warm there year round and tropical fruit can grown on trees in the yards there. The beaches are amazing and the vibe is very laid-back. I hope to get back to San Diego, even just for a visit, soon.

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Underwater Photos of George Kontogiannis (Athens, Greece)

George Kontogiannis from Athens, Greece is an amateur photographer who loves to experiment with his image taking techniques. He recently experimented with his GoPro Hero 1.5 Pixel camera at  Voidokilia Beach- Kalamata and is excited to share them with everyone.






George would also love to share his blog with everyone. It is in Greek but if you have translation available in your browser, you can give it a read as well:

Wanted: Photographers and Artists to Guest Post!

Wanted: Photographers and artists for guest posts here at Caught Within Frame.

Do you have something new that you would like to share with people but no outlet for it? Are you just starting out in photography or creating art? A professional with something you have been working on that doesn’t fit in with your usual style?

Caught Within Frame is the perfect place to “test the waters” with new ideas. It is a safe place to show what you are working on without it seeming out of place with your normal creative outlet.

If you have a new project you are working on, you can promote it here with a sneak peek and an interview.

Feel like joining in on the fun of being spotlighted on Caught Within Frame? Shoot an email to caughtwithinframe @ gmail . com (without spaces) and let us know!