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Catherine Hill Bay, Australia by Emily McGuire

I am a little late posting this week – I had a million things going on and I wasn’t sure in the end if I had some photos to share, but I do *Phew* .

Recently I went to a place called Catherine Hill Bay (Or “Catho” to the locals – I will stick to saying “Catherine Hill Bay” myself). I was stunned by the white sand and the big waves (which are not too visible in the photos I am about to share). I could see why people love the place so much and I will go back back when I have more time to take more photos.

I hope you enjoy the photos and please go and look at my blog  to see more of my photos.







My hometown by Nektaria Markakis (Chryssomilea, Greece)

I’ve been a bit nostalgic lately and since it’s summer too, i thought that this time I’d introduce you to one of the most beautiful place in the world, my hometown Chryssomilea! (Sorry for the long post!)


The Holy Triniti/Prophet Elias chappel.



The full moon as seen from my house at the beach(feel free to hate me!)



My house! This is where my sister and I grew up 🙂



Kabi Beach and view to Chorio.



The view to Kabi beach as seen from our house in Chorio!



Chorio aka Chryssomilea.



Moon rising over Aghios Ioannis chappel!


Wanted: Photographers and artists for guest posts at Caught Within Frame!



Wanted: Photographers and artists for guest posts here at Caught Within Frame.

Do you have something new that you would like to share with people but no outlet for it? Are you just starting out in photography or creating art? A professional with something you have been working on that doesn’t fit in with your usual style?

Caught Within Frame is the perfect place to “test the waters” with new ideas. It is a safe place to show what you are working on without it seeming out of place with your normal creative outlet.

If you have a new project you are working on, you can promote it here with a sneak peek and an interview.

Feel like joining in on the fun of being spotlighted on Caught Within Frame? Shoot an email to caughtwithinframe @ gmail . com (without spaces) and let us know!