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Addiction by Emily McGuire

Hi, I am Emily and I have a cloud addiction. I just noticed it recently (in the last few weeks) – it was like I was looking up for the first time. I shall share some of the photos I have taken of late and I hope you like them as much as I do. We have had some amazing storms lately as summer comes to an end and it has just been one amazing cloudy day after another. (the first photo is the one that started my cloudy obsession). Enjoy. 



A Hope For Spring Flowers by Brie A. Edwards

As is always the case in early spring here in Spokane, Washington, the weather has been extremely unsettled.

One day it downpours rain, the next it is cold and windy, another day we get  ice pelts as it tries to snow, then overcast “flat light” days happen, and occasionally you get a day (or two) of sun.

Sadly, the days of sun were not days I could get out and take new photos. The sights are not that appealing for photos anyway since it is all dead nature, all matted down from being covered by winter snow, without the starting of greening up of spring. It is still a bit too early for that to happen here.

So I dive into my portfolio to bring you colorful flowers from years past to get everyone thinking of brighter, warmer, days. I hope you enjoy them.






You can see more of my nature photos here:

Light Purple Iris

Street Photography from India by Vagabond_S

Vagabond_S is a photographer in Pune, India. He is just starting to take photos of people he sees on the streets when he is traveling around India for work.

Vagabound_S says:

As of now, I cannot recall a particular inspiration behind clicking pictures. But probably its my quest to find the meaning of life in the abundant faces that I come across. We all probably feel to be connected with each other but seldom do we make the effort. On a road trip I found total strangers smiling and looking in the eyes. Eyes are the windows to the heart when I look at these pictures I feel the person wishes to share his/her life with me. Every picture has a story to tell.







Show Time – By Emily McGuire

This weekend we went to the Newcastle Regional Show. It comes to town every year and almost always it rains. This year was no exception. But we braved the weather and went along and had the best time! I took photos, of course, but it was hard to capture it all with the rain. I will share some of the photos I did get though.


IMAG1705It is not the show if there are no clowns.

ImageThe ferris wheel before it got dark

Imagethe dodgem cars

ImageThe Ferris Wheel all lit up

ImageSmokey (from a ride), rainy and loud. Best night ever (this year, so far!)