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Italy by Nektaria M.

I have bad news… my camera has been taken captive by my sister and is travelling to Spain as we speak, so I’m afraid, I don’t have anything new to post. This is why I chose some of my photos from Italy, in hope that you will enjoy them, as much as I did when I took them! All of them are from Sorrento, except the second from last, which was taken from Ravello (above Amalfi). I love Campania so much, you are all lucky I chose only five photos!

Also, you can catch more of my work on

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Looking differently at the everyday by Brie A. Edwards

I sometimes try to look at objects differently when taking photos. I try and view it with different perspective or just look at the lights/shadows falling on the object

It can make for some strange and interesting photos.





image_1 (1)

See more of my photos here:

Black & White Photography by Mary Lewis

Mary Lewis is a resident of Spokane, Washington (USA) who enjoys taking photos in her free-time. She uses both film and digital mediums in her passion to capture images. She is an avid collector of vintage Polaroid cameras, postcards, and pets. Mary has a curiosity for the world and loves to travel when she can.

Mary says:

You can see my sometimes neglected blog here: “Made By Mary”

Speaking of the blog, Mary posted photos a while back that included some from our Manito photo walk taken with her 35mm film camera:







Mary can also be found on Twitter and Instagram as @ms_oblivious

Portraits by Emily McGuire

I think my favourite thing to photograph is people. I try to capture people in a natural setting – I am not a fan of studio portraits. I do enjoy photographing children more than adults. The photos I have chosen to share today are ones I took a few years ago – the girl in the photo is my favourite model of all time.