Savannah – By Emily McGuire

I have travelled to a lot of places around the world. I’ve been to the UK, Europe and the USA. I have seen many places that inspire me and make me happy. But there are a few places that have stuck out, places I want to just keep going back to. Savannah, Georgia is one of those places. I have been there twice and I never wanted to leave. There is something about the old houses, the cobblestone street and the moss hanging from the trees that made me fall in love. I can’t explain it in words, but I do hope that my photos will show what I love about Savannah. 



River Street


I just love the buildings on River Street


There is something eery about Savannah that I love. 


Gorgeous churches


Amazing houses – I would love to learn the history of each big house in Savannah. Imagine if these houses could speak, the stories they could tell…. 


The squares. I love how there are so many squares in Savannah – each one a little different to the others. 



3 thoughts on “Savannah – By Emily McGuire

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