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Seeking Photographers and Artists For Spotlight.


Caught Within Frame is out celebrating the holidays and looking forward to 2014. We are hoping to bring many new photos and works of art to the blog in this coming year.

We are always looking for guest photographers and artists to feature in our spotlight. If you are an photographer/artist who wants to be featured in Caught Within Frame’s Photographer/Artist Spotlight”, please send an email:

Please include links to your work online when inquiring about being a part of this blog. We would be happy to have you join us.

I am wishing all our readers a very happy Holidays and much prosperity to you in 2014.

Manito Greenhouse Flowers- Brie A. Edwards

I headed over to Manito Parks greenhouse on Friday hoping to get Christmas light photos since they have a special light display there during Christmas. sadly, the lights were not on…I was a day early. So, I started taking photos of the winter blooming flowers.

I admit, I had camera issues so most the photos turned out being unusable. That was a huge disappointment to me because there were so many beautiful flowers in bloom. I guess I will have to revisit, and when the lights are on display.

I will share the handful of photos that did capture.






See more of my photography here:

Iceland as I see it – Birna Maria Thorbjornsdottir

I’m Birna and I’m from Iceland; the country of fire and ice, midnight sun, mountains, glaciers and magnificent nature – not to forget the very changeable weather. It’s the perfect place for a nature lover like me who loves hiking, mountaineering and all kinds of other outdoor activities. I go hiking with my friends all year round, whether it’s hills, mountains or glaciers, I love it to bits! I’ve been out in the nature in all weather conditions; sunny and warm, windy and wet, snowstorm, etc. I also enjoy photographing and quite often when I go out into the nature I bring my camera with me, even though it’s an extra weight to carry along with the backpack that contains everything I need for the journey; depending how long it is – from one day up to one week.

I hope you will enjoy the following photos from various areas of Iceland and different seasons.












Savannah – By Emily McGuire

I have travelled to a lot of places around the world. I’ve been to the UK, Europe and the USA. I have seen many places that inspire me and make me happy. But there are a few places that have stuck out, places I want to just keep going back to. Savannah, Georgia is one of those places. I have been there twice and I never wanted to leave. There is something about the old houses, the cobblestone street and the moss hanging from the trees that made me fall in love. I can’t explain it in words, but I do hope that my photos will show what I love about Savannah. 



River Street


I just love the buildings on River Street


There is something eery about Savannah that I love. 


Gorgeous churches


Amazing houses – I would love to learn the history of each big house in Savannah. Imagine if these houses could speak, the stories they could tell…. 


The squares. I love how there are so many squares in Savannah – each one a little different to the others.