Superhero/Cosplay Photos- Brie A. Edwards

When I was at San Diego Comic Con in 2010, I got talking with friends and the idea to take photos of people dressed as superheroes/cosplay characters was brought up. I decided to give it a go once I returned home to Spokane and started advertising for models who were willing to dress up in costume. I got mixed results when ti came to getting models to pose but the ones who volunteered to do so, resulted in really cool photos.

I haven’t really posted them much online due to not being sure what I am going to do with the photos at the moment. I am still tweaking how I set up the photos and making changes to how I take them.  I ma finding it to be a real learning experience.

I haven’t taken any in over a year but know I will revisit this theme again in the future.


Above: Rebecca as Catwoman


Above: Meichelle in personalized Cosplay.


Above: Mary the Pirate


Above: Rachel G. as Catwoman


Above: David the Gladiator


Above: Amy as Tank Girl

You can see a few more of the superheroes/cosplay photos I have taken here:


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