Photographer Spotlight- Jessi Olson

I am Jessi Olson and I live in Mountain Home in southern Idaho in the USA.

I was a photography hobbyist growing up and didn’t really take it seriously as a possible career choice until multiple friends of mine commented that I should pursue it.  I feel like I have a niche for portraits but I love my landscape photography also.  I’m almost always trying to learn new techniques and watching online seminars to improve my skills.

I like to go on short day trips around in southern Idaho often.

Some of these are older photographs but I’ve been playing around with PS’s HDR toning and like the metallic sharp look it gives.


Above: This is at Thousand Springs in Hagerman. The waterfall comes from an underground river.


Above: In Idaho City this is the most photographed building in this old mining town.  And no one seems to know if it’s a home or a shop.


Above: Little Red Fish Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains one of my favorite places to camp growing up here.

And a few years ago I went to a lot of national parks and monuments in southern Utah


Above:  Antelope Canyon through a guided tour.


Above: A good tour guide can get you little surprises like this at Monument Valley.


Above: And hiking in the Narrows at Zion National Park.

You can see more of Jessi’s photography (including her portrait work) here:


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