This is not a “cat”astrophe – Emily McGuire

I am an animal lover. I have always lived in a house with pets. So it is not surprising that I currently have five cats. Ok, it is a little surprising, but two aren’t technically mine – they were inherited. But I treat them as though they were my own.

I wanted to share some photos of my cats – they are the sweetest creatures. They are mischievous, funny and so special to be around. I would hate to live without cats.

Below you will see photos of my five cats  (with one extra photo thrown in there of the cutest girl in all the land).

This is Kitski – a stray who showed up on my doorstep in 2002. She is a sweetheart.


This is Cooper – five years old. I rescued him from the RSPCA shelter.


This is Henry . I rescued him from the RSPCA shelter too.


This is Scout – the sweet sweet girl (rescued from the RSPCA). She was my sister’s cat. But she stole my heart from the moment I saw her.


This is Watson (also rescued from the RSPCA shelter). He was also my sister’s cat (but now mine).

And lastly – Scout being a cute little thing. She sleeps in any position. She found this one comfy for quite a while.


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