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Superhero/Cosplay Photos- Brie A. Edwards

When I was at San Diego Comic Con in 2010, I got talking with friends and the idea to take photos of people dressed as superheroes/cosplay characters was brought up. I decided to give it a go once I returned home to Spokane and started advertising for models who were willing to dress up in costume. I got mixed results when ti came to getting models to pose but the ones who volunteered to do so, resulted in really cool photos.

I haven’t really posted them much online due to not being sure what I am going to do with the photos at the moment. I am still tweaking how I set up the photos and making changes to how I take them.  I ma finding it to be a real learning experience.

I haven’t taken any in over a year but know I will revisit this theme again in the future.


Above: Rebecca as Catwoman


Above: Meichelle in personalized Cosplay.


Above: Mary the Pirate


Above: Rachel G. as Catwoman


Above: David the Gladiator


Above: Amy as Tank Girl

You can see a few more of the superheroes/cosplay photos I have taken here:

Photographer Spotlight- Jessi Olson

I am Jessi Olson and I live in Mountain Home in southern Idaho in the USA.

I was a photography hobbyist growing up and didn’t really take it seriously as a possible career choice until multiple friends of mine commented that I should pursue it.  I feel like I have a niche for portraits but I love my landscape photography also.  I’m almost always trying to learn new techniques and watching online seminars to improve my skills.

I like to go on short day trips around in southern Idaho often.

Some of these are older photographs but I’ve been playing around with PS’s HDR toning and like the metallic sharp look it gives.


Above: This is at Thousand Springs in Hagerman. The waterfall comes from an underground river.


Above: In Idaho City this is the most photographed building in this old mining town.  And no one seems to know if it’s a home or a shop.


Above: Little Red Fish Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains one of my favorite places to camp growing up here.

And a few years ago I went to a lot of national parks and monuments in southern Utah


Above:  Antelope Canyon through a guided tour.


Above: A good tour guide can get you little surprises like this at Monument Valley.


Above: And hiking in the Narrows at Zion National Park.

You can see more of Jessi’s photography (including her portrait work) here:

This is not a “cat”astrophe – Emily McGuire

I am an animal lover. I have always lived in a house with pets. So it is not surprising that I currently have five cats. Ok, it is a little surprising, but two aren’t technically mine – they were inherited. But I treat them as though they were my own.

I wanted to share some photos of my cats – they are the sweetest creatures. They are mischievous, funny and so special to be around. I would hate to live without cats.

Below you will see photos of my five cats  (with one extra photo thrown in there of the cutest girl in all the land).

This is Kitski – a stray who showed up on my doorstep in 2002. She is a sweetheart.


This is Cooper – five years old. I rescued him from the RSPCA shelter.


This is Henry . I rescued him from the RSPCA shelter too.


This is Scout – the sweet sweet girl (rescued from the RSPCA). She was my sister’s cat. But she stole my heart from the moment I saw her.


This is Watson (also rescued from the RSPCA shelter). He was also my sister’s cat (but now mine).

And lastly – Scout being a cute little thing. She sleeps in any position. She found this one comfy for quite a while.

Ash End House Children’s Farm by Rehana Firth

My husband and I took our niece to Ash End House Children’s Farm in Middleton, Tamworth Staffordshire in England. It is the perfect place to take small children because you can interact with the farm animals close-up.

The following four photos show some of the animals at the farm.

I love taking photos of nature especially animals. They make me smile!


Shire HorseAbove: Shire Horse

Crested DucksAbove: Crested Ducks

SheepAbove: Sheep peering at visitors

GoatAbove: Curious goat

You can learn more about Ash End House Children’s Farm here: