Artist Spotlight- Maz Seaman

I’m Maz from Norwich, England. I’ve been painting on and off since about 1999, although I always loved arty things since I was a kid.  Life sometimes gets in the way so unfortunately I’m in an ‘off’ period at the moment. I will return.

ImageAbove: Doctor in Shades by Maz

I think I reason I started to paint was because I wanted a picture of Bob Mortimer from Reeves and Mortimer fame and couldn’t find one. Around the same time and same obsession, I discovered that Vic Reeves was an artist and had an exhibition running in London. A train ticket was purchased and off I went to London to see this art. There is a book available, ‘Sun Boiled Onions’ which features the art I saw.  I loved his style and that was it for me. My first painting was of Bob Mortimer with an orange background.

I use acrylic paint on anything that comes to hand. I started on stretched paper on board then went onto canvas. Wood, walls, plastic and glass have also been used. Not really sure why I use acrylics except it’s easy to use and cheap.


Above: Noel (Commission) by Maz

I have always painted portraits probably because I find faces interesting. Subjects are almost always chosen simply because I have an interest or obsession about that person at that time!


Above: I Believe In Sherlock Holmes by Maz

Painting has been a huge part of my life and helped me through some difficult times. I tend to paint when I’m stressed or depressed, it takes my mind off the real world and helps me focus on problems. Painting has opened up a whole new world for me and put me touch with so many people. I have received lots of lovely messages from well-known people I’ve painted and even met some. Many more people I’ve met simply because they like what I do. It’s a great ice-breaker which is always a bonus for an introvert! Most importantly, painting has given me a peace, which I wouldn’t have found. It helps me express myself and release obsessions, if that makes sense.


Above: Micky Dolenz by Maz

I have tried different techniques and styles, my style has changed over the years quite dramatically. I started with a fine arty feel and went onto a pop arty style.  I like graffiti and this has inspired some of my work too.  I’m not trained in art, I wasn’t accepted at art college but have taken tips from people who are from DeviantArt. I hope to carry on with my painting but just haven’t found the time lately. My ambition is to have my art printed onto an album (CD) cover.

Above: Pretty Green Liam by Maz
Above: Batman and the Joker by Maz

Above: Brothers Gallagher by Maz<

You can see more of Maz’s paintings and contact her if you would like to have her paint a commission for you at:


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