Emily McGuire- This is me…

My name is Emily McGuire and I live in New South Wales, Australia. I got my first camera when I was 15 years old, but before that I was always using my parent’s camera, my grandmother’s camera and my sister’s camera to capture moments in time (much to the despair of my mother who had to pay for the films to be developed all the time). I have always lived my life looking through a viewfinder.

I was born opposite the beach and to this day I still have a strong pull toward it – it is my favourite thing to photograph. I also love to take photos of buildings and streets, houses and trees. I am interested in taking photos of people – kids are some of my favourite.  As I grew up we always had a pet (be it a cat, dog, steers, cows, goats or chickens) so I love to take photos of my animals. Right now I have five cats – they are always posing for me (whether they are willing subjects or not).

I don’t claim to be a professional photographer – I just know that photography is in my soul. It makes me happy and if it was the only thing in the world I could do that would be ok with me. So if I were stuck on a deserted island and only had my camera with me, I would not want for anything else  (Ok maybe food and water too, but let’s not get technical here hehe)

So please look below for a sample of photos I have taken of the Break wall (and lighthouse) in Newcastle NSW Australia – my hometown.

Thank you and enjoy

.Nobbys lighthouse from the breakwall

Behind Nobbys lighthouse

lighthouse by emily

Breakwater -newcastle


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