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August Full Moon in Athens by Nektaria Markakis

What can you say about the August full moon, it’s so enchanting that no photo can do it justice. I however, for the first time in my life, decided to take a stroll in Athens and take a few nigh photos of the city and the moon. I hope you like the results!

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Impressions of a PowWow- Brie Edwards

I always try to attend the Spokane Falls Northwest Market, Encampment, and PowWow which happens at the end of August each year in downtown Spokane, Washington. It is held for 4 days in Riverfront Park which was traditional fishing grounds centuries ago for the Spokane Tribe.

I have many traditional PowWow photos from years past. So many that I felt like trying to do something different this year. Something that was aided by the low light conditions of the evening dancing competitions. So, after taking some more traditional photos and candid type shots.


I decided to let the low light, fast moving dancers, situation create a “painterly” effect and go impressionistic in style when it came to my photos. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and they really appeal to the artist within.






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Artist Spotlight- Maz Seaman

I’m Maz from Norwich, England. I’ve been painting on and off since about 1999, although I always loved arty things since I was a kid.  Life sometimes gets in the way so unfortunately I’m in an ‘off’ period at the moment. I will return.

ImageAbove: Doctor in Shades by Maz

I think I reason I started to paint was because I wanted a picture of Bob Mortimer from Reeves and Mortimer fame and couldn’t find one. Around the same time and same obsession, I discovered that Vic Reeves was an artist and had an exhibition running in London. A train ticket was purchased and off I went to London to see this art. There is a book available, ‘Sun Boiled Onions’ which features the art I saw.  I loved his style and that was it for me. My first painting was of Bob Mortimer with an orange background.

I use acrylic paint on anything that comes to hand. I started on stretched paper on board then went onto canvas. Wood, walls, plastic and glass have also been used. Not really sure why I use acrylics except it’s easy to use and cheap.


Above: Noel (Commission) by Maz

I have always painted portraits probably because I find faces interesting. Subjects are almost always chosen simply because I have an interest or obsession about that person at that time!


Above: I Believe In Sherlock Holmes by Maz

Painting has been a huge part of my life and helped me through some difficult times. I tend to paint when I’m stressed or depressed, it takes my mind off the real world and helps me focus on problems. Painting has opened up a whole new world for me and put me touch with so many people. I have received lots of lovely messages from well-known people I’ve painted and even met some. Many more people I’ve met simply because they like what I do. It’s a great ice-breaker which is always a bonus for an introvert! Most importantly, painting has given me a peace, which I wouldn’t have found. It helps me express myself and release obsessions, if that makes sense.


Above: Micky Dolenz by Maz

I have tried different techniques and styles, my style has changed over the years quite dramatically. I started with a fine arty feel and went onto a pop arty style.  I like graffiti and this has inspired some of my work too.  I’m not trained in art, I wasn’t accepted at art college but have taken tips from people who are from DeviantArt. I hope to carry on with my painting but just haven’t found the time lately. My ambition is to have my art printed onto an album (CD) cover.

Above: Pretty Green Liam by Maz
Above: Batman and the Joker by Maz

Above: Brothers Gallagher by Maz<

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Emily McGuire- This is me…

My name is Emily McGuire and I live in New South Wales, Australia. I got my first camera when I was 15 years old, but before that I was always using my parent’s camera, my grandmother’s camera and my sister’s camera to capture moments in time (much to the despair of my mother who had to pay for the films to be developed all the time). I have always lived my life looking through a viewfinder.

I was born opposite the beach and to this day I still have a strong pull toward it – it is my favourite thing to photograph. I also love to take photos of buildings and streets, houses and trees. I am interested in taking photos of people – kids are some of my favourite.  As I grew up we always had a pet (be it a cat, dog, steers, cows, goats or chickens) so I love to take photos of my animals. Right now I have five cats – they are always posing for me (whether they are willing subjects or not).

I don’t claim to be a professional photographer – I just know that photography is in my soul. It makes me happy and if it was the only thing in the world I could do that would be ok with me. So if I were stuck on a deserted island and only had my camera with me, I would not want for anything else  (Ok maybe food and water too, but let’s not get technical here hehe)

So please look below for a sample of photos I have taken of the Break wall (and lighthouse) in Newcastle NSW Australia – my hometown.

Thank you and enjoy

.Nobbys lighthouse from the breakwall

Behind Nobbys lighthouse

lighthouse by emily

Breakwater -newcastle

Rehana’s Introduction and Photos

My name is Rehana Firth and I live in Staffordshire England. I’m a Lancashire lass at heart and I have been taking photos for about 11 years now.  I really love it. I love looking at the world through my camera. It gives me the chance to see the bigger picture and also the minute detail! It does make me happy.

Most of my photos are of landscapes, wildlife, nature and anything that takes my interest. I have taken a few portraits but I have found that I don’t love it as much as the other photos I’ve taken.

The following photos show you Lichfield Cathedral . I don’t live that far away so it was great to walk around and take photos especially during the Lichfield festival.

More Lichfield Cathedral Photos –


Lichfield Cathedral


Lichfield Cathedral


Lichfield Cathedral